I Believe

The most important recurring idea that I've had in the past few has been that the most important audience one has is the audience that is presently available. If all I have is a few encouraging friends who know I write poetry, then those friends are the most precious, significant audience I have.

It's because they exist in reality rather than only in my imagination. I know they can hear me, and I trust myself to hear them in return.

This morning I wrote a poem about the snow I saw falling while sitting in the kitchen, and then I group-texted it to three friends, the friends mentioned above.

The Sky Today

Is a gray-white dome
no contours of cloud
no definition.

Gathered tufts of
dancing down
an invisible
spiral flight
onto treetops or roads
hoods pulled for

There is a soft
layer of snow
on my roof
above me
holding me down
away from
school and work.

I see from my
kitchen window
a frame of weather
while dust drifts
near I
breathe it
in and out.

My coat and boots
are ready by the door.

And since I know that nobody, at least for the moment, is listening in on this RSS, I have the freedom to be a diarist for myself as I get in some practice writing, formatting, just moving the words around a bit and maybe building myself up.